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A counter or cabinet depth refrigerator is a full-size model available in various capacities and styles, but designed to fit flush with standard cabinets.  They are usually between 25″ – 27″ deep compared to traditional 30″ – 32″ depths.

Cabinet depth refrigerators look very stylish and allow more workable space in the kitchen. However, they are higher and much wider than traditional models and this should be noted when considering installation options. Certain models may not have drawer storage for cookware.

Always measure allowable width, cabinet depth and height before buying for best installation results. Cabinet depth refrigerators are generally more expensive than standard models.

Cabinet or counter depth refrigerators should not be confused with under-cabinet refrigerators which are smaller compact units designed to either fit under the counter or beside the cabinets, or built-in refrigerators which are custom designed to match certain decors and can be full enclosed to blend with the cabinetry.

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