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If you haven’t downsized yet, you probably will sometime in the future.  As we move on in life, many of us become empty nesters; our likes and dislikes change and so does our lifestyle.  Downsizing  makes us realize that most of what we have been hanging on to for many years is useless to us now.  If you haven’t looked at some of your treasures in more than 10 years, you don’t need them.

There are things that hold a sentimental value – perhaps a piece of furniture you inherited from your grandmother, or a piece of jewelry from your wedding, so use them, wear them or display them.  The reality is that your kids don’t want any of your treasures, so have a garage sale, take the money and travel. 

You will realize that by downsizing and decluttering you will have less to clean and more time to enjoy the things you love to do. If you need help in deciding what to keep and what to discard, you can hire a local organizer.   Interview him or her and get references. This is the first step in reaching your goal.

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