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01367b9251e2557faf79eac536031573The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is sharing the most popular features in new single-family homes in 2014. 

The features that are most likely to be included in a typical single-family home this year are:

– A walk-in closet in the master bedroom

– Low-e windows

– A laundry room

– A great room

Energy efficiency is a key theme with Energy-Star rated appliances, programmable thermostats and Energy-Star rated windows at the top of the list. These features help make the home more comfortable and can save significant money over the long term.

Granite countertops, a double sink and a central island have become popular items in new-home kitchens. Additional features likely to be included throughout the home include first-floor ceilings at least nine-ft. high, a front porch, outdoor lighting and a patio. 

Low interest rates and competitive pricing makes this a perfect time for consumers to purchase the perfect home for their families.