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house with white picket fence, green grassDo you have fond memories of things you had when you were growing up?  Remember the white picket fence that may have been popular in your neightborhood?  This was an iconic status of Americana symbolizing the ideal middle-class suburban life, with a family and children (2.5 children and a dog), large house, and peaceful living.

This style of fence has been used since America’s earliest colonial era and remains popular today. Most houses in quiet, middle-class neighborhoods often have gardens enclosed with picket fences. 

Picket fences are a decorative way to contain pets and children without blocking views, and are used around both front and back yards. Certainly, though, you don’t need young children or pets to add this lovely touch of coziness to your property.

Traditionally picket fences were made out of wood and painted white (or whitewashed), but now picket fences are also widely available in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for easy maintenance.

white picket fence with yellow flowers climbing on fence.A white picket fence adds a homey charm to your yard, but this iconic fence can look boring without color and softness. Chose your favorite plants with the appropriate colors to enhance your property and landscaping.  Check with your nurseries for the plants that will do well in your area. 

Happy planting! 



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