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The white-on-white, white-and-black and white-and-gray kitchen colors are popular for new and remodeled kitchens today, but adding a splash of turquoise, navy blue, emerald green or even red in a kitchen breaks the monotony and adds fun and interest.  The color revolution is appearing in luxury kitchens as well as moderately priced homes.

“Blue is the most repeated color we’re seeing in kitchens, and it crops up in many styles of kitchens,” says Elle H-Millard, industry relations manager for the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)

Recent surveys, including the 2019 Kitchen Design Trends report from the NKBA and the 2019 Kitchen Trends study from the Houzz website, reveal subtle and not-so-subtle shifts in kitchen designs, including the new appetite for color.

In the next several weeks I will post the most popular kitchen trends for 2019. 

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