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designed by Nancy Hugo CKD

designed by Nancy Hugo CKD

There has been a great increase in the size of kitchens recently.  Along with this increase, the popularity of islands has also increased.

50% of households in United States have islands in kitchens. The survey was carried out by National kitchen and Bath Association.

These islands, whether stationary or movable, they provide the center stage used as a social gathering, a kitchen hub, workspace, and storage area.  Large kitchens can accommodate multiple islands.

To have a functional island in the your kitchen, the minimum requirement for the walk space between the island and the perimeter counters is typically 42 inches.

Islands can have sinks, cook tops, and seating.  They can also be work islands without sinks or appliances.  Having outlets in your island is a necessity required by most building codes for the safety of the homeowners and users of the space.