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Blue Star

2019 is the year of color.  Some appliance manufactures are offering bright colors in their product line to give the homeowner an alternative to stainless steel, black and white. If you decide to remodel your kitchen and bring in your favorite color, now is the time to do it. 

Remember that when you pick the color for your new appliances, your really have to love it, not just “like it.”  Appliances are expensive, so it is not the thing you will want to replace in 6 months when you tire of the color.   

In my opinion I would not overdo the color by having all your appliances match. Typically using the range as a focal point in your kitchen and then repeating the color for your accessories in the kitchen work best.

Photo: William Waldronh.    

White, black or gray cabinets with colorful appliances, but if you decide to use the color on your cabinets instead of the appliances, stainless steel finishes will coordinate with most cabinet colors.  

Black is one of the colors that is being used in every room, especially the kitchen.  Contemporary kitchens certainly make a statement when black appliances are paired with black cabinets.

By the way, this is also the year of “you.”  Pick the colors and styles you enjoy looking at and make you feel comfortable, happy and satisfied.




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