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MoldimagesMold can lurk anywhere especially in those rooms that tend to harbor moisture and humidity such as bathrooms and basements.  Mold can cause serious health problems such as allergies and asthma, and when present in a building too long, can cause “sick building syndrome.” 

The best thing to do is to try to prevent mold from forming by eliminating the moisture in the air.  In the bathroom always run a fan or turn on the overhead vent to keep the room as dry as possible.

If needed purchase a dehumidifier and keep one in the basement.  Check for leaks in plumbing, air ducts and in the roof.  Even the smallest amount of water can cause mold to form and grow in the most unexpected of places. 

indexYou may want to hire a professional to check your roof and ducts regularly.   Bleach kills and prevents the growth of mold spores, so should you see mold start to grow inside your home, in your bathroom or basement, you can easily treat it yourself.  There are many products to chose from available at your local drug store or hardware store.  Don’t forget to use protective gloves.

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