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White accents will make your home appear more bright and airy. 
Winter is the perfect time to add white to your interior decor because it lightens up rooms on dark days
and stormy nights.  And it adds a clean, clear look that works all year round.
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You might be surprised that white isn’t a single color
White comes in many versions, some with warmer overtones and some cooler.  The warm tones tend
to complement traditional and elegant homes better, while cooler hues may work better in modern or contemporary spaces.
Depending on the shade you select – and the colors around it – white can calm your rooms or add energy.
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What kinds of interior elements work best in white?
White is fabulous for almost any home fashions, including paint, rugs, upholstery fabric, floor coverings, window treatments, linens and accessories. And, in addition to matching just about everything, white bed linens and towels seem so much crisper and cleaner than any other color.
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White is stunning when used with black or another dark, rich color like chocolate brown, Indian red or deep blue.
White can be paired beautifully with almost any color palette, including neutral creams, taupes, tans, blues, grays and more. Even a room that’s decorated almost all in white doesn’t have to be bland or boring because it can include such a variety of textures, including rough or smooth, soft or hard, and matte or glossy finishes.

Make a bright design choice by adding white to your decor this winter

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