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Add a punch of red to your décor to pique passion & personality.
Give your neutral color scheme a break and add a touch of red to create
a focal point. A little red goes a long way – and is a powerful addition to
most interior looks.
Experts say that red is a color of passion, love and beauty. In some cultures
it’s associated with excitement, energy and courage. In others, it connotes
happiness, good fortune, success and loyalty.
Whatever your culture or nationality, it’s clear that red makes a fashion
Red can be cheery or sophisticated, contemporary or traditional, depending
on the shade you select –from dark, violet-toned burgundy to orangey, tomato
red, to bright primary red. And depending on the shade, red can energize a
room or make it soothing and cozy. Red also comes in a variety of textures,
from glossy lacquer to soft matte in paint, and from soft silk to supple leather
in fabrics. Add just a touch of red with:
~Drapery or furniture fabrics
~Accent lamps
~One wall painted red
~An oriental rug or contemporary carpet
~Painted furniture, especially in Asian or Latin styles
~Patterned red fabrics, in chintz, tapestry, stripe or plaid
~Painted built-in bookshelves – all-over red, or just red on the inside
~A painting with red as the major color
~Front door, to give visitors a hint that walking into your house will never be dull!
Are you seeing red in your future? Add this vibrant color to make a design statement.
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