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Smaller Homes

As our lifestyle changes, so do our wants and needs.  People are purchasing smaller homes–less square footage means less to maintain.  Downsizing does not mean giving up precious living space.  Open floor plans, multi-task areas and organized storage areas give the perception of larger spaces.


Energy Efficient Appliances

Because the technology is now available, opting for the most efficient appliances will save you money as well as electricity, hence helping your carbon footprint.

Efficient Design with Lots of Storage

Homeowners want ways to maximize space and make better use of a home’s square footage. An efficient design, with an open floor plan and multifunctional rooms, is complemented by a lot of storage. With more people buying small homes, unique and practical storage solutions allow homeowners to have enough space to stay organized.

Eat-in, Partially separated Kitchen

Creates an easy flow of space while keeping the kitchen separate from other parts of the home allows families to dine together with ease, but it keeps the hustle and bustle of a kitchen from taking over the rest of the house.

This is just a partial shopping list of what homeowners want in their home.  As you know, I can go on and on. 

What would you like in your home?