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white couch and 2 modern chairs, white coffee table, white walls, black artwork, contemporary chandelier over table

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We hear a lot about minimalist living, but what does that mean?  To put it simply, it’s living in a clutter-free environment, having empty spaces in your home, decorating with plain colors and patterns, and having only what’s necessary in your life. 

Minimalists love organized storage- having a place for everything and everything in its place. They organize everything so nothing is shown, but easily accessible.

Minimalism is about having less physical clutter in your life, to make room for more mental space and energy. It’s about getting down to the essentials in life.

By living a minimalist lifestyle, you can throw out what you don’t need in order to focus on what you do need. We have all heard the expression “Less is more,” which equates to owning only what is needed, spending less money on unnecessary items, and having less clutter and stress.

Maximalists are completely opposite of minimalists.  Maximalist style is about bold colors, patterns and creativity. Their rooms are filled with interest and variety, typically having the rooms covered with memorabelia and collections. 

Comfort is key in the maximalist style filling the room with an abundance of seating and tables, usually covered with decorative and functional things. Every inch of space in the room is utilized, sometimes organized, sometimes not.

Common items among maximalists are plants, many, many plants of different species and sizes. You will typically find the room to be extremely busy, maybe cluttered to a degree. 

Most people are a litte bit of a minimalist and a little bit of a maximalist.  Being surrounded by sentimental memorabelia, things you love in a comforable, organized environment is very common.  In my opinion, only a few can live in a “model home” environment or an overdone home filled with more things than one needs.  Your home should reflect you and what makes you happy.