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I must admit that I lost track of time and was too busy to write for my blog on NancyHugo.com in 2018.  My last entry was April, 2018.  How embarassing!  The first thing I look at when I read other people’s blogs is the date of the last publication.  It is so easy to write a blog but it is easier to not write one.  Oops!  Hopefully, those who have read my blogs in the past will come back, or at least, comment on this one.  My 2019 resolution is to do a weekly blog for this site. Wish me luck! 

Here’s another reason why I got twisted up in time. I am the founder, editor and publisher of an online magazine, DesignersCirclehq.com,  for the Arizona Design Community and, as you can imagine, publishing a weekly website with an overabundance of new content takes hours.  I host Happy Hours monthly for the design community with the sole purpose of having people meet and network with each other.  

I have also been recording podcasts weekly about everything having to do with remodel and design. These podcasts are available on iTunes. If you are interested in listening to “Home Design Chat with Nancy,” subscribing to iTunes would be the most efficient way to listen to them when they are published.  Here is the link:

One more thing.  I stay busy (ha-ha) designing Kitchen and Bath remodels.  Design is my passion as most people who have known me will agree. I enjoy working with my clients and redesigning spaces that make them happy.  Last year I worked on a very large extensive remodel in addition to designing a kitchen for someone in another state.  Both projects came out perfect- clients were happy and so was I. In addition, I do consult work for various clients who ask me for opinions on their new plans.

I hope you can understand why I would love to get another 12 hours in my day, but since that is not possible, I’ll just have to work with the time I have, and have fun doing it!


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