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Each year Pantone, the authority on color and color trends, makes their prediction regarding the latest hot colors. Both fashion and interior designers clamor for their latest selections as they are regarded as the foremost influencer of color trends.  This year’s trends consist of 10 amazing hues. They run from soothing neutrals to bold jewel tones and they can be mixed and matched to one’s delight.  If redecorating is in your future consider one of these fabulous colors. Let’s check them out!

1. French Roast

As you look at this rich dark brown, can’t you just smell fresh roasted coffee?  Deriving its name from a roast of coffee, the dark deep chocolate brown exudes the feeling of an elegant neutral.  Its dark almost black shade is sure to pass the average black as the go to neutral to tie a space together.

2. Honey Gold

The name alone conjures up thoughts of honey bees, late day rays of sun and fall foliage.  Honey Gold is a beautiful yellow orange with a lot of potential.  Consider pairing it with French Roast and Tangerine Tango for a rich and elegant look.  It will soften the dark brown of the French Roast and ground the orange of the tangerine.

3. Pink Flambé

Of all the colors this year, Pink Flambé is perhaps the most girly.  It’s feminine with a grown up feel, unlike a pastel pink that evokes the memory of a girls’ childhood bedroom.  Pink Flambé will work in any space.  It can easily be used as the predominant color or just as small pops of color.

4. Tangerine Tango

This year’s most coveted color has shown up in luxe fabrics, beautiful wallpapers, tableware and funky furniture. Originally announced as the color to watch earlier this year, its popularity has grown and will carry over for the next season or two.

5. Ultramarine Green

Close your eyes and imagine a seaside town on the Mediterranean coast with its blue green water and salty air.  Ultramarine green is just that blue green color.  This cool blue green has a soothing and calming effect on a color scheme.  It would be a great replacement for the overdone baby blue in a boy’s nursery, wouldn’t it?

6. Bright Chartreuse

Chartreuse has been around in various versions for a while now.  Bright Chartreuse is its much hipper and younger cousin.  It is a bright yellowish green that will freshen up any dreary space. Paired with crisp whites and slight pink accents, bright chartreuse will make a room pop.

7. Olympian Blue

A vibrant shade of royal blue with a hipper name, Olympian Blue would be perfectly suited to a seaside cottage or a really sleek loft.  It’s another cool calm and soothing color that offers a lot of personality to a space.  It’s bound to become a new classic with its go with everything appeal.

8. Titanium

Move over gray, titanium has arrived.  Gray has been an emerging color for some time now, but it has been a little flat without much depth. Titanium just takes gray to the next level.  Of all the neutral s on this year’s palette, this by far is a favorite.  It pairs with everything and would look especially stunning with Pink Flambé, or Bright Chartreuse.

9. Rhapsody

Imagine walking through a field of lavender, can you smell the fragrant blossom? Isn’t the field breathtakingly beautiful?  Rhapsody is a light purple, almost lavender tint that will promote creativity, be uplifting and calming.  It’s a relaxing color that is best used to create a restful and relaxing space.

10. Rose Smoke

Have you heard of sky blue pink? It’s that tint of pink one sees as the sun is setting. The light reflects off the dust particles turning the sky a beautiful hue.  Rose smoke reminds me of that same dusty pink.  The muted shade is a perfect neutral backdrop with just a hint of pink and a hint of beige.  It’s a cheerier neutral choice if French Roast is too dark.

reprinted from www.freshome.com


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