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Designing a Classy Showroom

Listen: Tammie Willis with Willis + Willis Interior Design, designed the newest showroom in the Valley of the Sun, Roseo Design Center. What makes Roseo unusual?  Just listen and learn.  Tammie can be contacted at Tammie@WillisandWillisInteriorDesign.com...

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A Designer Shares her Experiences

Listen: Linda Roepke Cebulski shared her experiences in the Hollywood interior design world of famous people.  Linda can be contacted at LDECOR@earthlink.net                     Click on LOGOS to visit our...

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What’s new in the Furniture World?

Listen: Alan Reinken, co-owner of La Maison in Scottsdale, was at the Dallas Mart and shared what's in and what's out in the world of furniture and accessories.  You can view Alan's showroom on his website:  www.Lamaisonaz.com     Click on LOGOS to visit...

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Think Art

Listen: Robert Bisetti, co-owner of ThinkArt Gallery in Scottsdale, shared his thoughts on art for the home.  What kind of art is popular?  Who should purchase art?  Should art match your room decor?  Find out more about art by listening here.  Check out...

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Let’s Talk Food

Listen: I had a fun and a very interesting chat with Chef Dennis Frasier, owner & Executive Chef of Cater Phoenix.  What was the most unusual job he ever catered?  Find out the answer and more!  Go to www.CaterPhoenix.com to find out more about Dennis.  ...

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Keep your Beer at the right Temperature

Listen: Brad King, president of B & B Marketing, a manufacturers' rep, explained the benefits of the Perlick refrigeration system, beer taps and more.  You can contact Brad if you have any questions about these products.  bking@bbmarketinginc.com        ...

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Why you should have the Best Vent Hood

Listen: Megan Still, Regional West Coast Manager at Broan-Nutone and Best Range Hood explained how Best Hoods are the perfect fit for your kitchen.  Made in Italy, Best has some of the most unique hoods on the market with state of the art technology.  You...

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Toto is more than a Puppy in Kansas

Listen: Paula Quan, Luxury Products Manager for Bobier Sales, talked about that popular product that's a must-have in every home.  Learn how Toto came to be a status symbol in America.  You can find out more about Toto by clicking on www.Totousa.com      ...

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